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The US in 2011 will amount to 35,000,000,000 US dollars to the industry casting demand

View Times  Update time 2009-02-10

The industrial market investigation company Freedonia research demonstrated that the American manufacturer will increase to 35,000,000,000 US dollars regarding the industry casting's demand in 2011, the yearly rate reaches 1.1%.

Freedonia explained that in recent years the American industry casting market's expansion was mainly based on the metal price rise, but the metal price will assume the soft potential state in hereafter 4 years, from the anticipated casting demand's speed-up correspondingly will also postpone. Indicated that the American industry casting ships out the quantity considerable increase 1.1%, has reflected the market requirement. Will ship out the quantity as for the casting the yearly rate to be short in 1%, a counter-2001~2006 year period decline potential state.

The report showed that regardless of by the value or the tonnage computation, the hard casting's market share flows to the colored casting. Take the automobile casting as the example, in the tradition is by the iron, the steel manufacture, because now the automobile design and saves gas and oil the development toward the lightweight, but more and more changes to the aluminum or the magnesium.

The report also pointed out that speaking of the industry casting producer, the best application prospect will manifest in the fine special casting market, like aerospace and electricity electronic installation domain. At present, commercial and military airplane, as well as guided missile system's development has led from the aviation industry demand. Meanwhile, high tech's development process will also lead a series of casting application starting, this includes domains and so on computer and wireless installment, medical service electronic products and medical equipment, mobile communication, computer game, electronic packing.

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