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The regulating valve increases the service life the method

View Times  Update time 2009-02-10

1.       The big opening work extension life law   lets the regulating valve as far as possible work from the very beginning in the biggest opening, like 90%. Thus, destructions and so on cavitation, eroding occur on the valve core forehead. Destroys along with the valve core, the current capacity increases, the corresponding valve closes a spot again, destroys like this unceasingly, closes gradually, causes the entire valve core to use fully completely, destroys until the valve core root and the packing surface, up to cannot use. At the same time, the big opening work throttle gap is big, eroding is weaken, this compared to lets the valve works in the middle opening and the small opening from the very beginning enhances above life 1~5 times. If some chemical plant uses this law, valve's service life enhanced 2 times. 

2.       Reduces S to increase the work opening to enhance the life law -  to reduce S, namely increases system's besides regulating valve loss, causes to assign to valve's on pressure drop reduces, for the guarantee current capacity through the regulating valve, increases the regulating valve opening inevitably, simultaneously, on the valve the pressure drop reduces, causes the cavitation, eroding to be also weaken. The specific measure includes: After the valve, supposes the orifice to reduce expenses to consume the pressure drop; On the blind off a line connects the hand operated valve, obtains up to the ideal work opening to the regulating valve. Chooses the main point from the very beginning when to the valve in the small opening work, uses this law to be very simple, to be convenient, is effective.

3.       The reduction caliber increases the work opening to enhance life Fathom   to reduce valve's caliber increases the work opening, the specific measure includes:①Trades a small grade of caliber the valve, if DN32 changes into DN25;②The valve chest does not change, replaces the small valve seat diameter the valve core valve seat. If time some chemical plant overhaul will reduce expenses the dgl0 replacement will be dg8, the life enhanced 1 time. 

4.       The shift destroys the position to raise the longevity to shift the destruction serious place to the secondary position, by protective valve core valve seat's packing surface and throttle surface. 

5.       The growth throttle channel enhances the life law

   The growth throttle channel simple thickens the valve seat, makes the valve seat hole to grow, forms the longer throttle channel. On the one hand after may cause the class close mold to reduce expenses the sudden expansion to postpone, runs up moves destroys the position, causes it to be far away from the packing surface the function; On the other hand, also increased the throttle resistance, reduced the pressure restoration degree, causes the cavitation to weaken. Some design the valve seat hole in the stair type, the wave form, is to increase the resistance, weakens the cavitation. This method and the old valve will improve on the introduction installment's high pressure valve time uses frequently, is also very effective.

6.       The change flows enhances the life law  class to open turns toward the root counter current, the cavitation, the eroding leading role in the packing surface, causes the valve core root and the valve core valve seat packing surface suffers the destruction very quickly; Flows the close mold turns toward shuts the side counter current, the cavitation, the undermining after the throttle, below the valve seat packing surface, has protected the packing surface and the valve core root, lengthened the life. Does intentionally the class to operate the use valve, when the extension life's question is more prominent, only need change flows then lengthens life 1~2 times.

7.       Changes to the exotic material to enhance the life law  for the anti-cavitation (destruction shape like honeycomb-shaped dot) and the washout (streamline form gutter), may change to bears the cavitation and the washout exotic material makes reduces expenses. This exotic material has 6YC-1, a4 steel, the department too lai, the hard alloy and so on. For the corrosion resistance, may change to is anti-corrosive, and has the certainly mechanical property, the physical property material. This material divides into the nonmetallic material (for example rubber, four fluorine, ceramics and so on) and the metallic material (for example Monel, alloy and so on) two kinds.

8.       The change valve structure enhances the life law  to adopt the change valve structure or to select has the longer life valve's means to achieve enhances the life the goal, like selects the multi-stage valves, counter-cavitation valve, anti-corrosive valve and so on.

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