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Our country valve processing manufacture profession prospects for development favor

View Times  Update time 2009-02-10
The valve profession is we use in common the machinery important branch. Its product does for the fluid control key equipment widely uses in professions and so on petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, urban construction, environmental protection. Presently, the valve production profession is being in a very advantageous development opportunity. This is because:

   First, the state economy continues the steady progression. Investment in the fixed assets gradual growth. Especially several century projects “the transport the natural gas from the west to the east” “the power transmission from west to east” “the northward rerouting of southern river” and so on project operations need the massive valve product necessary;

    Second, along with WTO joined, the international trade key reduces as well as the developed country adjustment product mix, China is becoming in gradually the world the biggest processing factory this tendency appearance, the valve product processing manufacture faced with the bigger development opportunities.

    How then to hold this strategic opportunity, speeds up the valve profession the development. Industry in the professional has made the analysis from the following several aspects:

    First, advances enterprise's union reorganization positively, makes one batch to have in as soon as possible the scale the scale enterprise group. 

     The valve profession present Production enterprise approximately has more than 5000, the year sales revenue surpasses 50,000,000 only has 7, surpasses one hundred million 3, 200,000,000 Yuan above enterprise does not have. The domestic market percentage of also only then National Nuclear Su Fa a enterprise surpasses 2% other below 1%. This kind of enterprise size has the shaking strength with difficulty in the market, is more difficult with the same profession world famous enterprise's competition. Must change this kind of present situation as soon as possible, besides the enterprise own growth factor, the most effective method is through enterprise's union, the annexation, the reorganization realizes enterprise's capital to expand, thus further expands the market to hold, in does not defeat in the competition neutrality. This is now the international economy domain quite popular procedure, is also the coming period valve profession development directive question. Must emancipate the mind in this question, according to 16 loudly proposes “the reform to have the new breakthrough, the development must have the new mentality” the request breaks the local demarcation line, breaks the system of ownership demarcation line, breaks free from traditional the specialized labor division demarcation line. So long as the enterprise has the union possibly to be possible bold to do attempts, argues vigorously with 3-5 year makes certain output values to surpass 500,000,000 and even 1,000,000,000 Yuan enterprise groups.

    Second, must take the product mix the adjustment, dares the technological innovation, the development develops the high added value and the international advanced standard product.

    Our country valve profession already could produce several broad heading products at present. Like gate valve, cut-off valve, ball valve, reed valve, safety valve, check valve, throttle valve, stopcock, pressure relief valve, diaphragm valve, draining valve, urgent trip valve, solenoid valve and so on, highest application temperature 570℃, lowest - 196℃, top pressure 600MPa, biggest latus rectum 5350MM. Although these products have supported the domestic economy construction powerfully, but should see soberly our product belongs to the general technique content or the labor-intensive product mostly, very little has the international advanced standard. Recently the transport the natural gas from the west to the east main pipeline tender, our valve enterprise was defeated is a regrettable fact completely. Learning from a painful experience. The national industry must promote the valve profession to develop certainly must implement the technological innovation, the adjustment product mix, must dare to develop the development technique content to be high, the work added value has the international advanced standard valve product like to control the valve and the self acting valve class regulating valve high, the Three Contacts confluence is extravagant, Three Contacts slide valve, safety valve; Ball valve's class metal seals the entire welding hardly, high parameter heavy-caliber valve; As well as power plant supercritical C12-A alloy steel valve. The implementation technological innovation research develops the new product to have several roads; first, through with colleges and universities scientific research institution cooperation, if recently the Kaifeng High pressure Valve Factory and Academia Sinica subordinates “three dimensional” the company cooperated the development utility boiler main vapor regulating valve has the international advanced standard product, it “the pressure drop” was lower than the international standard greatly, had the unusual prospect in the power plant profession; Second, the foreign cooperation or technology aquisition's form, the Zigong high pressure valve Limited company and Italy Xin the Billen Company's cooperation reduced us on the ball valve product and the overseas disparity. Except the above procedure, has the condition enterprise to be possible to develop the development independently.

    Third, the implementation multiplication sale strategy, opens the international market diligently, the expansion products outlet.

     According to the Chinese Valve Association statistical data demonstrated that at present our valve profession productivity serious surplus, approximately some 40% productivity blows off, facing the so huge excess capacity of production, the most effective method carries out the multiplex sale strategy, develops the international market vigorously. The current international market exports valve 60-70 probably every year hundred million, the Chinese year exports 1.5 hundred million, the insufficient 2% point volume, inside the potential is very big. Opens the international market first to pay great attention the foreign trade talented person's raise, one batch will manage the foreign language foreign trade professional; Next must learn to use the Internet and the information technology, has wide acquaintance the customer capture opportunity; Third may gather with the domestic some Foreign trade company affects its channel export expansion; Fourth has the condition enterprise to be possible or sets up the factory in a boundary peripheral device sale. For these years Shandong benefitted the valve factory and the Suzhou 526 factories well has realized the market multiplication. The export products proportion increased large scale, alleviated the domestic ordering insufficient contradiction. Opens the international market also to pay great attention to display we own superiority, votes for the export products, current mainly in general valve this kind of labor-intensive product export, in addition the wool embryo casting half-finished product export prospect is also very good.

    Fourth, raises the business management level, the implementation management innovation, the deepening enterprise reform, the implementation system innovation our country present valve profession is being in newly round alternately with the reorganization time.

    The State-owned business accounts for the proportion to slide year by year, privately operated, Three Funds Enterprises rapid development. According to incomplete material estimate; Our country present stage valve profession property proportion, accounts for 40% privately operated, state-owned 30%, other for the three investments, the war industry class enterprise hold, estimated that jinhou ji nian privately operated and the Three Funds Enterprises will occupy the share to further expand. The present Wenzhou area Private enterprise develops very quickly, and quite part of enterprises have the certain scale and the strength, like Birtley, forever one, Zhejiang Uygur will benefit and so on enterprises. Because the current profession state-owned enterprise the historical reason cloth wrapper is mostly heavy, the mechanism does not live, the management difficulty, but many enterprises still had superiority and so on equipment, talented person, technology, brand; Must through the deepened reform, the institutional innovations solve at present difficulty, stimulates the storage quantity property fully, realizes the property right multiplication, establishes the modern enterprise system. Regarding development swift and violent Private enterprise, although does not have in the mechanism the disappointment and the historical cloth wrapper, but its developing process needs to pay great attention the business management level the enhancement, the implementation management innovation, avoids falls into “the family type” and “the paternalism” the management convention. In brief, the valve profession is hopful. So long as we take “16 big” the spirit as the indicators, the comprehensive implementation “"The Three Represents"” the thought that certainly can promote the valve profession, and achieves the better-off society for our country's economic development to make the contribution comprehensively.

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