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Global valve product in the future trend of development analysis

View Times  Update time 2009-02-10
 Along with the overseas large-scale complete set technology's development, presented a series of new complete sets of equipment and the single plane. The characteristic which develops with the valve related new complete set of equipment is the large scale, the high parameter

Melts, the high performance automation and the complete set, adapts with these complete set of equipment's control mode. In the recent 20 years, the overseas valve's control mode also has the very big development. Eliminates general manual, mobile

, electrically operated, air operated, the fluid moves outside the transmission, the battery solution gearing, the gas fluid gearing, automatic control's valve variety increases unceasingly, and has further development tendency.

   For instance refining equipment. Biggest refinery 36,400,000 tons/years (Caribbean Sea's Virgin Islands), 30,000,000 tons/years (Venezuela). At present 20,000,000 tons/year above refineries

The factory has nearly 30; Greatest unit refinery decompressor's handling ability amounts to for 24,000,000 tons/years, the catalytic cracker amounts to for 8,240,000 tons/years, the hydrocracking unit amounts to for 3,200,000 tons/years

. The installment large scale, forces the valve to be also getting bigger and bigger, the control mode also starts to the automated direction to develop.

   In recent years, long lost the pipeline development to be very quick, its primary cause one was the cost is low, was only equal to the railway transportation 1/3; Second, installs underground in underground, is not easy to destroy; Third, pipeline construction

The speed is quick, investment province. Therefore, long loses the pipeline to increase in recent years with the valve demand. Generating set biggest unit capacity two axle thermal power unit l 300,000 kW, single axle thermal power unit 1,200,000 kW,

Macronucleus electrical machinery 1,300,000 kW.

   The biggest plate gate valve diameter achieves 1620mm, 2000mm with these complete set of equipment necessary valve in; Biggest reed valve latus rectum 9750mm; Biggest ball valve latus rectum 3050mm, does not calculate the actuation

Installs valve's weight to amount to 184 tons; The most spate with gate valve latus rectum 2750mm, the pressure achieves 9MPa.

   The equipment large scale's economic effect summarized said; first, enhancement production efficiency; second, reduced the initial cost; third, fell the low plain to burn the material consumption. By year handling ability 5,000,000 tons

The refining equipment with 1,000,000 tons comparisons, each ton product manufacturing ability's investment reduces 50%. 6,000,000 ton/year refineries compare with two 3,000,000 ton/year refineries, investment only

When in the latter 69%, the steel products consumption is 53%, the area is 54%, the production cost is 75%, but the labor productivity actually enhances to 170%.

   Because the complete set of equipment automation level is getting higher and higher, the overseas petroleum chemical industry enterprise main production process already realized the direct digital control, some have also realized the computation fuselage cascade control.

Chemical enterprises and so on synthetic ammonia ethylene, urea, synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber and synthetic plastics realize the tour examination, the warning generally and so on, some enterprises already realized the part automation control.

   At present, above overseas 200,000 kW large-scale power set generally to computer control development; The nuclear power station uses the computer control generally; Long loses pipe system many countries to use the computer control

, and is loaded with the microwave communication system, the master control room only needs 2-3 attendants, may through the television surveillance entire line working condition.

   Along with each kind of complete set of equipment, the technical process and the performance improvement, the overseas valve's series variety unceasingly is also increasing, in recent years presented many new variety valves. For example: Tight anxious

Breaks the valve, the fast switch valve, the fire resisting damper, against static electricity valve, to reduce the warm pressure relief valve, the butterfly check valve, the decompression valve, the vacuum clamp cover valve, the water cooling or the air-cooling valve, the security gate valve, the security cut-off valve and so on

Many kinds of new style valves, in the general valve the ball valve, the reed valve and the plate gate valve are for 20 years develop the quickest valve variety.

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