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Position: Export Sales Staff Should hasten
Number: 2
Location: shanghai
Effective Date: 2009-3-15
Requirements: en
Description: Secretary for expanding my business, have work experience Recruit Export Sales Staff.

1.To ensure that the fill in each of the content are true;
2.Willing to accept the company 3-10 months probation;
3.With "*" are required.
The basic situation*
Name*   Sex* Male Female Age*
Marital status *   Married Unmarried Political landscape* Height * CM
Qualifications* Residence* ID card number*
Foreign Language category* Foreign Language Level* Speaking level
E-mail* Phone* Expectations of a monthly salary of
Expertise loving
Learning experiences: (have to include: beginning and ending time, graduated from institutions, professional, educational level, degree) *
上次工作经历 Previous work experience
Name 单位电话 Unit telephone
I post 工作时间 Working Years Year
Curriculum vitae of job: (have to include: beginning and ending time, serving sector, where jobs, the main job is mainly to obtain job performance and the honor, the reasons for departure) *
性格特征及自我评价: * Personality characteristics and self-evaluation: *
接受过哪些培训: * What are the training received: *
专业技能: * Professional skills: *
个人发展目标及要求: * Personal development objectives and requirements: *
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