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Our country valve processing manufacture profession prospects for development favor
The valve profession is we use in common the machinery important branch. Its product does for the fluid control key equipment widely uses in professions and so on petroleum, chemical industry, metallu...
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Global valve product in the future trend of development analysis
 Along with the overseas large-scale complete set technology's development, presented a series of new complete sets of equipment and the single plane. The characteristic which develops with the valve ...
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Global valve technological development tendency
Complete level    20 for many years, along with the overseas large-scale complete set technology's development, presented a series of new complete sets of equipment and the single plane. The char...
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The US in 2011 will amount to 35,000,000,000 US dollars to the industry casting demand
The industrial market investigation company Freedonia research demonstrated that the American manufacturer will increase to 35,000,000,000 US dollars regarding the industry casting's demand in 2011, t...
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The regulating valve increases the service life the method
1.       The big opening work extension life law   lets the regulating valve as far as possible work from the very beginning in the biggest opening, like 90%. Thus, destructions and so on cavitation, ...
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How to enhance the valve padding the service life
In valve design either use experience, elevating valve padding many for asbestos packing or graphite padding or polytetrafluoro V padding, but these kind of padding receive the valve to open shut th...
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