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The reed valve key property and selects the principle

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The reed valve is opens with the disk type shuts a reciprocation to rotate 90° about opens, shutting down and the adjustment fluid channel's one kind of valve. The reed valve structure is not only simple, the volume is small, the weight is light, the material consumes the province, the mounting dimensions to be small, moreover the driving moment is small, the operation is simple, is rapid, and may also simultaneously have the good flow control function and the closure sealing property, for the past several years develops one of quickest valve varieties. In industrially advanced countries and so on US and Japan, France, Italy, reed valve's use is specially widespread. Its use variety and quantity were still continuing to expand, and to the high temperature, the high pressure, heavy-caliber, the high leak-proof quality, the long life, the fine adjustment characteristic as well as valve multi-purpose directions develops, its reliability and other performance index reach the high level, and already part substitution cut-off valve, gate valve and ball valve. Along with the reed valve technology's progress, in the short time which may foresee, specially in the large and middle scale calibers, the low pressure use domain, the reed valve will become leading the valve form.
The primitive reed valve is one kind simple, and the shutting down lax flapper valve, usually takes the current capacity regulating valve and the orifice valve use in the water circuitry. Along with the anti-chemical corrosion's synthetic rubber's on reed valve application, reed valve's performance can enhance. Because the synthetic rubber has, anti-eroding anti-corrosive, the size is stable, the rebound elasticity is good, easy to take shape, cost inexpensive and so on characteristics, and may act according to the different operation requirements choice different performance the synthetic rubber, satisfies reed valve's use operating mode condition, thus widely uses in making reed valve's lining and the elastic valve seat. Because the teflon (PTFE) has the inoxidizability to be strong, the stable property, is not easy to get older, the friction coefficient lowly, easy to form, the size to be stable, and may also through the packing, the increase suitable material improve its overall performance, obtains the intensity to be better, the friction system lower reed valve packing material, has overcome the synthetic rubber partial limitations, thus obtained the widespread application take the teflon as representative's high polymer polymerization material and the packing modified material on the reed valve, from
But enables the reed valve performance to have the further enhancement, presented the temperature, the pressure scope to be broader, sealing property, service life longer reed valve.
In order to satisfy industrial application and so on height temperature, strong eroding, long life operation requirements, for the past several years, the metal seal reed valve obtained the very big development. Along with thermostable, bears the low temperature, to bear the strong corrosion, to bear strong eroding, the high strength alloy material in reed valve application, enabled the metal seal reed valve in industrial fields and so on height temperature, strong eroding, long life to obtain the widespread application, presented the big mouth after (9750mm), the high pressure (2.2KN/cm2), the wide temperature range (- 102℃~606℃) reed valve, thus enabled reed valve's technology to achieve a brand-new level.
Because the computer-aided design (CAD) and the computer auxiliary manufacture (CAM) as well as the flexible manufacture system (FMS) in the valve profession's application, caused reed valve's design and the manufacture has achieved a brand-new level. Not only innovated valve's design calculation way comprehensively, reduced professionals' arduous duplicated convention project work, enables the technical personnel to have more energy to use in improving the product the technical performance and the new product research development, reduced the cycle, to raise the labor productivity. Specially in the metal seal reed valve domain, as a result of the CAD/CAM application, appeared had the CAD design, and by the CAM numerical control processing manufacture's three dimensional seal chart, was the valve, in opened shuts weighs the packing surface not to have any extrusion, the abrasion, the attrition, thus was reed valve's leak-proof quality and the service life round number magnitude enhances.
The reed valve when complete opens, has the small resistance to flow, when opens when about 15 º to 70 º, can also carry on the keen flow control, thus passes through in the big mouth the adjustment domain, reed valve's application is common, and will become gradually leads the valve. Because the reed valve valve board's movement has cleaning, therefore the majority reed valves may use in the belt suspended solid pellet the medium, may also use in powdery and the pellet medium based on the seal intensity.

Suitable situation
The reed valve is suitable for the flow control. Because reed valve's is quite big in pipeline pressure loss, probably is gate valve's three times, therefore when chooses the reed valve, should fully consider the circuitry the pressure loss influence, but should also consider time the closure butterfly board withstanding pipeline medium pressure ruggedness. In addition, but must consider under the high temperature the elastic valve seat material to withstand the operating temperature the limit.
Reed valve's structural length and the overall are highly small, opening and the closure speed are quick, and has the good fluid control characteristic, reed valve's structure principle most suits manufactures the big mouth after the valve. When requests the reed valve makes the control current capacity use, most important when chooses reed valve's size and the type correctly, enables it to work effectively appropriately.

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