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Safety valve form choice

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when 1 emissions gas or steam, selects all opens the type safety valve.

when 2 emissions liquids, selects all opens the type or micro opens the type safety valve.

when 3 emissions steam or air, may select the belt spanner's safety valve.

4 pairs establish the pressure to be bigger than 3MPa, the temperature surpasses 235℃ the gas use the safety valve, then selects the belt radiator fin's safety valve, prevents the draining medium to erode the spring directly.

5 emissions medium permission divulging to the atmosphere, selects the type valve cap safety valve; Does not permit divulging to the atmosphere, selects the closed valve cap safety valve.

6 emissionses have violently poisonously, have the strong corrosion, to have the extreme dangerous medium, selects the corrugated pipe safety valve.

7 high back pressure's situations, select the back pressure balanced -like safety valve or the pilot valve control type safety valve.

sometimes 8 in certain important situations, must install mutually for the spare two safety valves. Two safety valve's imports and export the trip valve to use the mechanical interlocking installment suitably, guaranteed at any time (including service, overhaul period) can satisfy the draining area which the vessel requests.

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