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Service commitment

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1. Related Products in strict accordance with the standard design, manufacture, test. Customers can JB/T3595, ANSIB 16.34, GB12234, GB12235, GB12236 standard supervision.

2. Forging, steel castings in strict accordance with GB12229, GB3077, ZBJ98015, ZBJ98016, JB/T5263, ASTM A216, ASTM A217, such as acceptance into the factory can query the rationale for
Performance of inspection reports.

3. Product parts design, manufacturing line with three of the requirements of interchangeability with, common.

4. Sealing surface width, hardness, thickness, material, etc. to meet the design and JB5211-91 standard requires that all sealing surface inspection by nondestructive testing factory.

5. Valve exterior lumen were shot peening, grinding treatment, and prevention by high-pressure liquid cleaning cavity embroidered stains go after the oil heated to high temperatures, spray anti-embroidered agent. To ensure that the product cavity clean: no rust, In line with the requirements of export products.

6. Stem cylindrical grinding are manufactured, high pressure valve stem resists oxidation by surface treatment, wear corrosion resistance. To ensure that the dynamic seal without leakage.

7. Products sold within one year of the implementation of three bags. Richard is our quality problems, repair shifting, and real users to pay the freight.

8. Product the entire process in accordance with ISO9901 standards and implement control can be traced back to ensure that only parts of each can be traced back to people, machines, sub-supply-side.

9. Products 100% by GB/T13927, API598, JB/T9092 standard factory pressure test, pressure test of time longer than the standard time of the implementation of 1.5-2 times the internal control standards of our factory.

10. Dedicated after-sales service hotline 24 hours a day (021-51691827).

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